Mavex Swiss

Highly effective professional products and treatments able to give high level results, true sensory emotions designed for the most demanding customers. In the wake of an undisputed success, in a few years the brand has grown exponentially.

Mavex Swiss products are used today by beauty centers and spas of the best hotels around the world,

a clear sign of the undisputed success of a strong and innovative brand that has been able to stand out above all for quality and innovation,

and the numerous awards and recognitions received internationally are proof of this.

The heart and pride of Mavex is our modern Research and Development Laboratory,equipped with the latest equipment and staff with a degree in scientific disciplines with

long experience in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and phytotherapy research.

This allows us to create products with high added value that go far beyond mere cosmetics.

Each cream developed in the laboratory by our specialists is in fact unique and contains within

it a very precious formula resulting from the application of innovative cosmetic technologies and precious

and exclusive phytocomplexes based on medicinal herbs and alpine plants from our botanical garden.

Every single formula, before turning into a cosmetic,

undergoes a long series of analyses and strict controls to verify its compatibility with the packaging, its stability over time and,

above all, that it meets all the safety criteria required by current regulations.

Thanks to sophisticated laboratory equipment, the development specialists subject the products to mechanical stress,thermal shock, premature ageing, chemical stability,

microbiological aggression,and only after 6 months of tests if the tests are successful will the formula be validated.

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